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Railroad crossing accident in Ohio leaves two injured in hospital

Previous postings in this blog have discussed the tragedy that can ensue following a car accident involving two vehicles that vary greatly in size and power. For example, an accident between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle or a passenger vehicle and an 18-wheeler can have a tragic outcome. When the accident involves a train and a motor vehicle, the chance of severe harm may increase exponentially.

Man files lawsuit after fatal car wreck kills girlfriend

In states across the country, including Ohio, there are numerous occurrences each year of individuals who get behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol. They often try to drive themselves to their next destination, whether it is home or the next bar. Unfortunately, this poor decision making and negligence often ends in a tragedy such as a fatal car wreck.

Fatal Ohio truck accident involves 11 commercial vehicles

Residents of Columbus, Ohio, may or may not be aware that the drivers operating commercial motor vehicles, including 18-wheelers, are often held to a higher standard of care and conduct than those drivers operating passenger vehicles. Therefore, when a commercial driver is responsible for a truck accident, it can have serious repercussions for truck drivers and their employer, depending upon the circumstances surrounding the semi-truck accident.

President Obama weighs in on sports-related brain injuries

Previous posts here have discussed the various concerns regarding the roughness of contact sports and the possibility of resulting severe injuries. Specifically discussed has been the common occurrence of brain injuries amongst athletes, professional and otherwise. Residents in states across the country, including Ohio, may be interested to know that President Obama has recently joined the conversation about these concerns.

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