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Young girl dead and 20 more injured after Ohio car accident

In Ohio at this time of year, the weather can lead to dangerous driving conditions. It is important for drivers to be extra careful when roads become slick and visibility is limited in order to avoid being in a car accident. Unfortunately, in the wake of recent snow conditions there were several multiple vehicle accidents in the state. One resulted in at least 20 people being injured and one 12-year-old girl being killed.

80-year-old Ohio woman kills 13-year-old in hit and run accident

Many residents of Ohio likely have loved ones who are reaching an elderly age where they become easily confused. Some of these older individuals may have difficulty driving safely. Upon the occurrence of an accident, some of these citizens may become frightened and not know what to do. Recently an 80-year-old Ohio woman left the scene of a fatal accident. The court system has sentenced her to five years of probation for her actions and involvement in the accident.

Truck accident flips street sweeper and blocks traffic

The roadways of Ohio are traveled daily by vehicles of varying sizes, some of which are carrying loads, some hazardous and some not. The drivers of commercial motor vehicles and their employers are held to a higher standard of care than other drivers and are required to follow additional legislation due to the nature of their vehicles and the nature of the loads that they carry while traveling. When these vehicles are involved in a truck accident, the outcome can be very severe and sometimes tragic.

ATV vs. car accident leaves two Ohio men dead

Two Ohio men are dead after a tragic accident. This was no usual car accident like those that usually involve passenger vehicles or semis. This car crash involved one passenger vehicle and one ATV. The head-on collision caused the death of the 24-year-old and 31-year-old men traveling in the ATV.

Medical malpractice claims continue to be capped at four years

When patients visit a doctor, they instill a large amount of confidence and trust in the doctor's abilities to appropriately treat and diagnose whatever condition the patient may be experiencing. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors and other medical professionals make mistakes. Often times, these mistakes can have tragic or catastrophic results.

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