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More protection for athletes with brain injuries?

Previous posts in this blog have discussed the prevalence of head trauma in athletes. It is a well-known issue yet, at times, it may feel like no one is doing anything to prevent the occurrence or increased severity of brain injuries in athletes. This may soon be changing in Ohio, as new legislation is proposing the removal of athletes who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and other head injuries during games and practices.

Foggy conditions may have led to fatal car wreck on Ohio road

Big rigs are traveling the roads of Ohio day in and day out. Semi drivers are required to exercise a certain elevated standard of care when driving on the roads due not only to the nature of the vehicles that they are driving, but also, due to the hazardous nature of the loads they often carry. Often times, a collision involving a semi can quickly become a fatal car wreck. Unfortunately, this recently occurred in an accident in Ohio.

Texting while driving car accident causes death of 10-year-old

As smart phones become more and more popular amongst Americans, distracted driving habits, such as texting while driving, have also become more prevalent in the news. Lawmakers are cracking down on drivers who cause car accidents because of distraction by portable electronics. A recent case in Ohio is no different. A driver that was texting while driving has been sentenced to almost five years in prison.

Ohio truck driver sentenced for fatal accident

Personal injury litigation following any Ohio car accident can become very complicated. However, when injuries have been caused by a truck accident, the process can become even more complicated.

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