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Ohio car accident injures 30 pedestrians

Recently in Lima, Ohio, over 1,000 residents had gathered to enjoy a weekly town event with live music when a car barreled into a crowd of people. Roughly 50 pedestrians were said to be in the car's path, and about 30 people were injured in the car accident.

Falling tires from swerving flatbed semi leave 2 injured

Accidents happen often on the busy highways of Ohio. But when a trucking accident occurs, the consequences tend to be much more serious and deadly. An injurious accident involving a semi truck or other large commercial vehicle not only involves personal injury laws but also trucking laws.

Assault likely cause of Ohio teen's serious head injury

Car accidents, medical mistakes, ladder falls: these are just a few of the causes of serious head injuries. But one Ohio teen appears to have suffered a head injury for a more sinister reason: assault.

Family of fatally electrocuted Ohio man sues drunk driver

There are numerous accidental situations that may tragically lead to death. In Ohio, when a fatal accident occurs because of another person's negligence, the family of the deceased individual may be able to recover compensation from the at-fault party through a wrongful death claim.

Motorcyclist killed in Columbus crash

It should be clear to all motorists: failing to exercise due caution on the road can have catastrophic consequences. Distracted driving is an increasingly serious problem in Ohio and throughout the country. Cell phone use and other means of distraction cause harm to life and limb on a daily basis. A recent fatal accident in Columbus is still under investigation, but it would appear that one of the drivers will be found at fault for the crash.

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