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Truck accident takes the life of former Columbus police officer

Auto accidents are nothing new to residents of Columbus, but the shock of crashes that turn fatal may never subside. Sadly, a former Columbus police officer perished when a semi tractor-trailer hit the delivery van he was driving. The accident caused the closure of Interstate 70 for nearly six hours during the investigation and cleanup of the scene.

Columbus woman injured in truck accident

A 24-year-old Columbus woman is in the hospital receiving medical treatment after a truck accident. The woman was driving on a three-lane highway. As the three lanes merged into two, the driver of a flatbed semi-truck slowed down for traffic. The vehicles collided while merging, lodging the woman's vehicle under a portion of the truck.

20-year-old Ohio man dies after driver fails to yield

Sadly, a young Ohio man suffered fatal injuries in a recent car accident that resulted from a driver's failing yield at a stop sign. The 20-year-old who died was a passenger in a Ford Escort that moved into the intersection without properly heeding the stop sign. As the car crossed the intersection, a Jeep crashed into the driver's side.

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