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Car accident on Franklin Avenue still under investigation

Car accidents happen every day. We all hope that we are not involved in one, and we certainly hope that none of our loved ones are injured or killed in one. Ohio residents are no different than others when it comes to that belief. But there are times when it seems that a car accident could have been prevented or avoided.

Truck accident in Columbus claims two lives

Two men were fatally injured in a trucking accident that occurred on Oct. 3 in Columbus. A third man who was involved in the accident was not hurt. Police are continuing to investigate the cause of the fatal crash, the 43rd and 44th traffic-related fatalities in Columbus this year.

Car accident results in injuries and citation for Columbus man

Laws regarding two-way stop intersections are clear -- the drivers on the less busy road must stop at the stop sign and wait for an appropriate opening in the traffic on the busier road before safely crossing. When a driver fails to do so, it could result in a traffic ticket, a car accident or both. This was the case in a three-vehicle crash that took place in Canton, Ohio, late last month that resulted in minor injuries and a traffic citation for a Columbus man.

91-year-old man dies in truck accident

Three September days in Columbus brought forth three accidents involving a tractor trailer and a smaller vehicle. In the first two accidents, the occupants of the car were injured, but the third accident ended in the death of the vehicle's driver.

Rubbernecking leads to fatal accident

It seems that people find it very hard to resist trying to sneak a peek at an accident that occurred in front of them on the highway. The problem remains that in doing so, people can become victims of an accident themselves. This is apparently what happened to a 69-year-old Pataskala man in an accident on Interstate 70 near Columbus.

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