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Bicyclist suffers head injuries from car accident

Serious personal injury resulting from a car accident can be devastating. Every day, in and around Columbus, there are motor vehicle accidents that cause injuries, some of them fatal. When we learn that a car has struck a bicycle, we cringe at the mere thought of the impact. As drivers, we all recognize the necessity of exercising every reasonable care in avoiding contact with someone riding their bike. When a bicycle is struck by a motor vehicle, the bicyclist does not have structural protection to absorb the impact.

Young woman falls victim to fatal car accident in Ohio

A 21-year-old Ohio woman from Columbus Grove tragically lost her life in a motor vehicle accident that took place last month. Officers from the Ohio Highway Patrol stated that a 45-year-old male driver from Ottawa caused the accident when he was headed northbound on County Road 14 and crossed into the path of oncoming traffic. His pickup truck subsequently collided head on with the woman's vehicle.

Woman killed in fatal car wreck in Franklin

No matter what the weather is like outside or what time of day it is, people are involved in car crashes. Often, a car accident can cause permanent physical damage, from which the victims do not recover, and other times the accident ends a life. A woman was killed in Franklin recently, after a head on collision with another car.

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