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HBO airs "Hot Coffee", a Documentary on Civil Litigation

On June, 27, 2011, HBO started airing a documentary entitled "Hot Coffee." The documentary highlights several cases and discusses the civil jury system and changes that have been made over the years. Among the cases discussed are the McDonald's hot coffee case, a family who had a child with a birth injury, a state Supreme Court justice who had charges brought against him after winning an election and a young girl who while working for Halliburton was raped by fellow employees. We encourage you to watch this insightful documentary and to tell your friends and relatives about the film. It will be airing for a few more weeks on HBO and will be available on Netflix in the future and on DVD.

Ohio car accident kills 2 and critically injures 3

Car accidents that involve fatalities are both frightening and heartbreaking. The tragedy of any accident is multiplied when those involved are children. A recent accident in Ohio claimed the life of a mother and son, and left the family's father and daughter critically injured.

Ohio truck accident leaves vehicle pinned under semi truck

Semi trucks are massive vehicles and accidents involving semi trucks are often serious in nature. Earlier this month, an Ohio man was lucky to have suffered only minor injuries after a truck accident on Ohio 39. The victim's vehicle was trapped beneath the truck when emergency responders arrived at the scene.

Wrongful death suit filed in connection with Ohio car accident

The emotional impact of a fatal car accident can leave loved ones with emotional scars that last a lifetime. In some cases, family members can find solace in seeking justice for the deceased. This may be especially true for people who lose loved ones as a result of another person's recklessness or negligence. Recently, the family of a 19-year-old Ohio teen who was killed in an auto accident in March filed a wrongful death suit against a toy company.

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