Assisting Investors Financially Harmed By Stockbroker Negligence

Like any professional, a stockbroker has a standard of care. In the case of a stockbroker, he or she should manage your money consistent with all of the facts and circumstances unique to your individual situation. Failing to do so may constitute a breach of the standard of care, or what is commonly known as negligence.

Understanding Standard Of Care For Negligence

To be held liable for negligence, it is not necessary for the broker to have intended the harm or loss. The test is one of foreseeability under the circumstances. If a reasonable, prudent broker would have foreseen the potential for the consequences arising out of such an act and taken reasonable steps to prevent such consequences from occurring, the act can be deemed a negligent one.

Evidence of what the standard of care includes for a stockbroker and investment professional can also be found in federal securities laws and self-regulatory rules by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

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If you have lost money because your stockbroker or investment adviser was negligent, you may have a claim worth pursuing.

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