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3 ways spinal injuries impact the college experience

When you got into a car crash, the last thing you were thinking about was your future. You only knew that, at that moment, you needed help. You couldn’t feel parts of your body, and you knew that you were suffering from paralysis.

Over time, you’ve learned to cope with the changes in your life, but those injuries do impact you. As a college-aged individual, your life at school may change, too. Here are a few ways your spinal injury could impact your daily life.

1. Your ability to move or participate is limited

To start with, your ability to participate becomes limited. While you can use a wheelchair or other devices to get around, not being able to run or interact with others could hinder your college experience. This is something that your claim against the driver should bring up, since your injury is impacting your ability to enjoy your life.

2. Your time becomes finite

You don’t have as much time when you have an injury like yours, either. Between medical appointments, rehabilitation sessions, court dates and other factors, you don’t have as much time for friends as you’d like. Add to that studying and extracurricular activities, and you’ll find that the injury plays a significant role in how much you get out of college.

3. Studies become secondary to health

Of course, for many people, college now comes second. Some people leave school to learn to live with a new injury, while others reduce their classes. Some change majors, while others have to reassess what they want to do in their lives.

Injuries change your future in more than one way. They impact you every day. It’s important to make sure any claim you make points out how your life has changed.