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October 2016 Archives

Most brain injuries are simply caused by falls

A brain injury sounds so traumatic that it's easy to imagine it has to have an incredible cause. You think of things like accidentally getting caught up in ropes while swimming and nearly drowning or being involved in a high-speed car accident.

Critical facts about teen drivers and car accidents

For most teens, turning 16 is terrific because it means they finally get to drive on their own. While there are those who drive safely for years to come, it is a fact that teen drivers are the highest risk group out there. In fact, 16-year-old drivers crash at a higher rate than any other age.

How common are adverse drug events?

It's been said that very few medical settings are as challenging as the nursing home. Almost all patients have multiple medical issues, for example, making it chaotic and complex. On top of that, 70 percent of those in nursing homes are dealing with some level of cognitive impairment.

Why a delayed diagnosis can be complicated in malpractice suits

A delayed diagnosis is one of the more common reasons for a medical malpractice suit, because it can mean that the results of the ailment are more detrimental to the person's health than they should have been. For example, if a cancer diagnosis had been made on time, the cancer may have been treated and beaten at only one location, but a failure to diagnose the cancer at the proper time could cause it to spread. This could lead to far longer treatments, it could mean the cancer can't be overcome, and it could even mean that a survivable condition could turn terminal.

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  • $6,700,000 for closed head brain injury of car passenger hit by a truck that failed to stop at a stop sign.
  • $4,400,000 for failure of hospital to diagnose and treat patient with diabetic ketoacidosis in the emergency room.
  • $3,222,000 for truck driver who was filling his tank with gas and was crushed by another truck.
  • $3,200,000 for injuries to young man caused by a driver who ran a red light.
  • $2,300,000 for failure to properly monitor a patient following cardiac catheterization resulting in death.
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