Injuries Caused By Gunshot Accident In Columbus, Ohio

Careless discharge or storage of a gun can have devastating consequences. If you were shot and injured or lost a loved one in a fatal shooting, you may have a legal claim against the gun's owner or handler.

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Injuries And Wrongful Death Caused By Firearms

Many gun tragedies are the result of accidents that were waiting to happen. Sadly, the victims of gunshot accidents are often children. Neighbors are also at risk when gun owners discharge weapons carelessly.

Examples of gun owner negligence that can lead to tragedy include:

  • Failure to put trigger, chamber or cable locks on guns
  • Failure to store ammunition securely
  • Accidental discharge of a weapon
  • Discharging a weapon in a city or public area
  • Pointing a weapon at another person

Gun owners have a duty to store weapons and ammunition securely. Gun handlers have a duty to treat firearms as if they are capable of being discharged at any time. When careless people put others at risk, they need to be held accountable. Our law firm has a 45-year tradition of representing injured people and the families of wrongful death victims throughout Ohio.

Ohio Lawyers For Shooting Accidents Involving Neighbors And Playmates

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