Columbus Injury Attorneys For Dog Bite Victims

Dog bites often leave victims with both physical and psychological problems that can be long-lasting. Scarring and disfigurement are a reality in many cases. Lasting fear of dogs and other forms of post-traumatic stress can be more debilitating than you first imagine.

There are several things to keep in mind after you or your child has been injured in an animal attack case:

  • Beware of insurance claims adjusters who urge you to accept early settlements before you know the extent of your injuries.
  • Infection is a real possibility for some time, and you should not accept a settlement until you and your doctor are convinced that this danger has passed.
  • You may need reconstruction surgery in the future. In order to calculate what a fair settlement is now, your attorney may need to work with physicians and economists who can project what that surgery is likely to cost.

Children's Injuries Require Careful Consideration — A Lifetime Is A Long Time To Cope With Scarring Caused By A Dog Bite

Children are often victims of dog bites. Children's injuries are particularly heartbreaking — and can be very expensive to deal with in the long run. If your child has been attacked by a canine in Ohio, talk to a Columbus personal injury lawyer at Lamkin, Van Eman, Trimble & Dougherty, LLC, to learn how we can help you.

Some people hesitate to talk to an attorney when a dog bite involved a dog belonging to a friend, neighbor or family member. "I don't want to sue my uncle," they tell us, but they could just as easily be talking about a next-door neighbor of brother of a friend.

At Lamkin, Van Eman, Trimble & Dougherty, LLC, we understand your sentiments. However, homeowners have insurance and other people often have other types of applicable insurance that can provide the compensation you or your child needs after a dog bite injury. Costs may escalate to the point where you will have no choice but to bring a lawsuit, even when the dog belongs to someone you know.

Talk to us to get a better understanding of how a dog bite injury claim may or may not affect your family member or friend whose dog attacked you or your child.

Ask About Ohio Dog Bite Laws And Your Injuries — Contact Lamkin, Van Eman, Trimble & Dougherty, LLC

If you or your child was attacked and injured by a vicious dog, you need an attorney that is committed to securing fair compensation for you. You can confidently entrust your dog bite case to the skilled and experienced personal injury attorneys of Lamkin, Van Eman, Trimble & Dougherty, LLC. Schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Columbus dog bite attorneys by calling 614-360-2706 or 866-856-0433 (toll free). You may also contact us online.

You will not owe attorneys' fees until and unless we recover compensation for you.