Securities Fraud

Business transactions have to be based on trust. But what do you do, as an investor, when a financial professional betrays that trust?

I am attorney Tim Van Eman of Lamkin, Van Eman, Trimble & Dougherty, LLC, in Columbus. I help people in Ohio, Michigan and other states assert investor claims after a stockbroker or financial adviser has engaged in fraud or was negligent in handling your account.

Private Rights Of Action In Securities Cases

As an investor who has been harmed, you don't have to wait until regulatory authorities get involved. To be sure, such agencies as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) have key roles to play in protecting the integrity of the markets. Indeed, more and more regulatory requirements have been added in recent years, in the wake of the Great Recession and the ensuing financial crisis.

But as an aggrieved investor, you do not need to rely solely on regulatory agencies to protect your rights. If a stockbroker was negligent, it makes sense to talk to a private attorney like me who can advise you on the legal rights you have as private individual to pursue appropriate compensation.

The same is true if you suspect there was outright fraud by a stockbroker or other financial professional. You do not have to wait passively and hope that Uncle Sam or a financial industry self-regulatory group like FINRA will somehow make things right.

Skilled Representation For Complex Cases

Multiple legal and factual issues can arise in securities cases that are undeniably complex. There may be factual questions about how a given investor's profile may have affected the interaction with a financial services professional. The recommendation that a broker or adviser makes to someone with considerable investment experience may be quite different than for someone with less experience.

Regardless of an investor's profile, however, there are basic protections built into the law. Brokers do not get a free pass to engage in fraud or other deceptive tactics, just because a more sophisticated investor is on the other side of the transaction.

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