Columbus Lawyers For Scar Injury Victims

A dog bite, a burn injury or a car wreck can leave an injured person with lasting scars and disfigurement long after healing of wounds. The sooner you contact a lawyer after you have been injured, the more options you will have for recovery of compensation. For best results, work closely with highly experienced plastic surgeons and other doctors who can work to prevent infections and take actions to minimize scarring.

Will Plastic Surgery Benefit You?

Your physicians may recommend plastic surgery soon after trauma occurs. They may also recommend reconstructive surgery down the road. It is important not to accept a settlement too quickly, before you know the full extent of your injuries and the type of treatment your health care providers will prescribe.

Will You Need Psychological Counseling?

In addition to medical care for your physical injuries, you may benefit from psychological therapy to deal with depression, cope with post-traumatic stress syndrome and otherwise deal with the stressful aspects of your injuries.

Besides consulting with doctors about the most promising treatments available for you, you should discuss your case with an experienced personal injury lawyer. Depending on the details of how you were injured, compensation may originate from one or more of the following:

  • A workers' compensation claim, if the accident occurred on the job
  • A third-party liability claim after a construction accident, such as an injury caused by a defective power tool
  • A personal injury claim against another motorist or anyone else who caused or contributed to your car accident or other traffic accident
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, if applicable
  • A premises liability claim or lawsuit
  • A product liability claim or lawsuit
  • A medical malpractice claim or lawsuit

Even if you believe your surgical scar or other type of scar is minor, talk to an attorney about your right to compensation. If you have sustained a permanent and substantial physical deformity because of an accident, you may have a significant case.

For Advocacy In Injury Cases Involving Burns And Scarring, Contact The Central Ohio Accident Injury Attorneys Of Lamkin, Van Eman, Trimble & Dougherty, LLC

Burns and scarring bring physical, emotional and financial challenges to accident victims. It is important to work with a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney as you seek compensation for your injuries if you are coping with burn scars or scarring and disfigurement resulting from a dog bite or bicycle accident. The Columbus attorneys of Lamkin, Van Eman, Trimble & Dougherty, LLC, are here to answer your questions about recovering compensation after a burn injury or other serious injury. We offer free initial consultations.

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