Wandering Off In Ohio Nursing Homes

If your family member — a resident of a care facility for people with Alzheimer's or dementia — wandered off and was injured, you have good reason to consult with a nursing home lawyer.

  • Your loved one may have been required to wear a wrist or ankle bracelet, but the day of his or her disappearance from the home, a caregiver had failed to put it on.
  • The wrist or ankle bracelet — or the alarm system it was connected to — may have malfunctioned the day of the wandering-off episode.
  • Your loved one may not have been classified as a resident with dementia, but should have been.
  • The staff may have had clear indications that he or she should be more closely monitored, but failed to take action.

Even if your family member was not categorized as needing to be protected from going out alone but did so and got hurt, you may have reason to bring a negligence claim against a Columbus nursing home. It may turn out that some type of psychological abuse that occurred in the facility triggered the wandering incident. A gate may have been erroneously left opened, or security personnel may have been inattentive.

A detailed investigation can uncover the truth about how and why your loved one wandered off before being injured in a pedestrian accident, or suffered frost bite or was attacked by a dog while out of the facility.

The attorneys at our firm can advise you on how to hold the institution responsible for failing to properly supervise a resident who was hurt while under the care of the facility.

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