Psychological Abuse In Ohio Nursing Homes

Emotional abuse of residents in nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, assisted living homes and transitional care facilities can be hard to prove. However, when our nursing home neglect attorneys undertake an investigation after a nursing home injury, we often find a trail that indicates mental abuse was, in fact, taking place.

Psychological abuse in long-term care situations can lead to physical harm of the elderly or disabled residents. Perhaps your loved one had been complaining of fear and discomfort in connection with nighttime caregiving at a nursing home or other long-term care facility. You may have disregarded the complaints, considering them to be normal adjustment problems of living in a care facility.

However, then a crisis occurred: Your loved one fell and broke a hip, wandered outside the facility or had some other emergency resulting in injury. Bedsores or unexplained bruises or skin tears may have developed around the same time. A review of records at the facility may uncover clear evidence that mental abuse was going on.

Getting The Truth Out In The Open

Whatever injuries or losses your loved one has endured while in the care of a nursing home, assisted living facility or other long-term care institution, you deserve to know the truth. If your loved one incurred medical expenses or died without a good explanation after complaining about a harsh emotional environment in a facility, you are doing the right thing by looking for a lawyer to discuss the matter.

Many of our clients whose parents or other relatives suffered injuries in a nursing home come to us looking for a way to prevent harm to other residents; they are not looking for monetary compensation at first. While not looking to profit, they realize that their families did incur expenses and suffer emotional pain as a result of the elderly or disabled person's experience of abuse.

Rest assured that our Columbus nursing home neglect law firm is on your side. We will take the time to understand your impressions and your priorities as you seek answers to how emotional abuse has affected your mother, father, husband or wife in a long-term care facility.

Family members whose loved ones have been subjected to mental and emotional abuse in elder care facilities do not have to remain silent. You can take action by contacting a law firm skilled in Ohio nursing home neglect cases.

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