Elder Abuse And Negligence In Ohio Nursing Homes

A serious but often overlooked risk to seniors is falling. Seniors typically suffer from diminished coordination and musculature that can put them at risk of falling. Exacerbating that risk is the fact that older people have weaker bones. Also, as we get older, we heal less quickly than when we are younger. This all makes seniors:

  • More likely to fall
  • More likely to suffer a serious injury when they fall
  • Less likely to heal fully

Nursing homes are aware of these risks and know that they need to take care to ensure that the seniors in their charge are protected from the possibility of falling. Every nursing home should conduct a fall risk assessment of their seniors. Sometimes these assessments are not conducted or are conducted improperly, or the conclusions of the assessment are not implemented.

Some of the common ways that a nursing home can help prevent falls from occurring include:

  • Bed alarms
  • Chair alarms
  • Restraints
  • Bed rails
  • Low beds
  • Someone to watch the patient or help him or her to the restroom, for example

Seniors falling can lead to serious injuries. A broken hip or head injury may mean the end of independent mobility. That can have a tremendous impact on a senior's quality of life.

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