What To Do After A Car Accident

Steps To Take After An Accident

  1. Call the police. If you were taken to the emergency room, the police will likely contact you for a statement. Tell the police officer when, how and what happened. If you are able while still at the scene of the accident, get all other drivers' names, addresses, telephone numbers, license plate numbers and auto insurance information.
  2. Take photos of the vehicles if possible.
  3. Call Lamkin, Van Eman, Trimble & Dougherty at 614-360-2706 or 866-856-0433 toll free. You can also fill out our intake form. An appointment will be made for you to see an attorney. There is no fee for the initial consultation, and we only get paid if we obtain a recovery for you.
  4. Get medical care for your injuries as soon as possible.
    • Be sure to tell the emergency room or other medical personnel about the accident, including when it happened and how it happened, and discuss every problem or injury you have.
    • Have your medical bills paid by your health insurance or other medical care provider, such as Medicare or Medicaid. You can discuss payment of your bills in more detail with your lawyer later.
  5. Report the accident to your auto insurance company as soon as possible.
  6. Take photos of any visible bodily injuries, and continue to take them periodically as you heal, after surgeries or as other injuries such as bruises or scarring appear.
  7. If an insurance adjuster for the party at fault calls you, feel free to discuss your property damage claim, but advise the adjuster to speak to us regarding your injury claim. Be sure to get the adjuster's contact information and the claim number.
  8. Continue to get medical care for your injuries, but only get medical care you need – no more and no less.
  9. Be sure to keep us advised as to all of the medical providers you see for your injuries, and update your attorney periodically as to your condition. Feel free to make an appointment any time you wish for an in person meeting with your lawyer.
  10. Keep track of your time off work, if any. Try to get a doctor's excuse, in writing, for any time off due to your injuries, and give a copy of each time-off slip to your lawyer.
  11. Keep a diary or outline as to how your injuries affect you in your daily life – at home, at work and during leisure activities, as well as the nature and extent of your pain, and the extent of your activity limitations or disability. Make entries in this diary as often as you like. As time passes and you heal, you will probably make fewer entries in your outline. Be sure to give the outline to your Ohio car accident lawyer at Lamkin, Van Eman, Trimble & Dougherty, LLC.